Be A Pilgrim

For An Hour

The city centre of Edinburgh is a bustling place, bursting with energy and activity. The walk set out in this App offers an opportunity to explore the heart of Scotland's capital in a more contemplative manner — a chance to reflect on the people and places which have helped shape the life of this great city.

App features

Download the App and allow it to lead you on a guided trail through the street of Edinburgh

Tour Points

The Pilgrim tour takes in 15 different tour points, and can typically be completed in around an hour.


The App features a live map of the trail, with marker points so you'll always know the way to go!

Progress Marker

Check off each step as you complete the tour to measure progress. You can even skip a few if you're short on time!

Flexible Trail

Start your guided tour from wherever you are — no need to find the "starting point"


Each tour point description features a short commentary and point for quiet reflection.


If you can't make it to Edinburgh just yet, then feel free to enjoy a 'virtual' journey and let the App guide you with words and pictures through each step.

Get In Touch

For support with the App, or for more information, contact:

  • Pilgrim For an Hour

    St Andrew's and St George's West Church

    13 George Street


  • 0131 225 3847


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